Although cupcakes and cakes are so much fun to decorate, we are excited about our 2nd annual Bunny Hut Workshops.  Our Bunny Huts will be baked in house, from scratch using a decades old family recipe, and prepared for you to decorate!  

During the two hour workshop, a studio hostess will go over tools you can use to DIY and create the perfect unique bunny hut display to your liking.


Saturday April 15: Noon - 2pm


$25 - 1 Bunny Hut + 5 Tickets + 1 Big Bag White Icing
$10 - 1 Person + 1 Ticket - because our studio is small, everyone attending must pay, even if they don't decorate
$2.50 - 1 Ticket
$3.50 - Bunny Shaped Sugar Cookie + 1 Ticket

This year we will be working off a ticket system. Tickets will be redeemed for icing and fondant. Candies are unlimited. You can purchase more tickets ahead of time or the day of. The big bag of white icing that comes with the gingerbread house can be used to "glue" your candies onto your house.