We are proud to announce Mikaila riehm will be filling our display case with the best baked goods in town

Mikaila is the newest member of the My Make Studio family. She is an extremely talented pastry chef and will be bringing a wide variety of goods to our display case every week - cookies, brownies, custom cakes, muffins, and all sorts of goodies! Mikaila refers to herself as the CAKE GEEK and we are so excited for all of her geekiness to join our studio.

This week's assortment (they will change weekly):
Brownies: $2
Linzer Cookies: $1.50
Sugar Cookies: $3
Cake Balls: $1
Cake Pops: $3
Chocolate Chip Cookies: $1
Coffee Cake: $2
GLUTEN FREE Chocolate Crinkle Cookies: $1.50
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie: $1

While My Make Studio offers Colorado's premiere DIY cake and cupcake decorating experience, we also sell cakes, cupcakes and mason jar cakes ready to go. Just email us at info@mymakestudio.com and we would love to prepare them for you.


Regular - $3/each or $30 per dozen
GF - $3.50/each or $34 per dozen
Mini's - $10 per dozen

Mason jar cakes

These super fun desserts are the perfect treat! They come in all sorts of yummy flavors and we would love to prepare them especially for you.

Large Mason Jar Cakes - $6/each or $60 per dozen
Mini Mason Jar Cakes - $3/each or $30 per dozen


Please notify us ahead of time for a cake so we can have it prepared for you. Our cakes come in vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, tie dye, GF vanilla, and GF chocolate. The outside is covered in sprinkles and we can write a custom message on top for you. If you would like something more customized, Greer, our contractor, would be more then happy to assist you - email info@mymakestudio.com to discuss or order.

4" Cake - $19/$22 GF (Serves 2-4)
6" Cake - $29/$33 GF (Serves 4-8)
8" Cake - $39/$44 GF (Serves 8-12)

Cake Mix To Go

That's right everyone - we sell our high altitude cake mix in 1lb mason jars! Why get boxed cake mix at the store when you can get our incredible mix right here? Just follow our simple instructions and add oil and water - we even marked the measurements on the mason jar for you!

1lb Jar of High Altitude Cake Mix (vanilla, chocolate, red velvet) - $6
1lb Jar of High Altitude GF Cake Mix (vanilla, chocolate) - $8
Bring your Mason Jar back for a refill - $4/$6 GF

**GF - Gluten Free