Who doesn't love Cupcake Decorating mixed with a little friendly competition?

F&Q's for this event

-No decorating experience Needed.

-Never been to the studio before? Studio hostesses will give a tour of the studio at the beginning so you know how to use the tools.

-All ages welcome.

-Yes you can come view for free (we even sell beer, wine and mimosas)

-No I'm not telling you the theme ahead of time! Nice try.

-This event is meant to be competitive but more importantly it will be FUN and silly!

-Studio hostesses will be judging. I am sure they will take viewer input into consideration as well so come cheer on your favorite decorator.

How this main event will go down...

We thought we would bring some fun competition to the studio (we do have Cake Wars party packages) but this event is public.

Next battles:
MARCH 31ST FROM 11:30AM - 1:30PM

$20 entry fee per person. You will receive 4 cupcakes to decorate. We will present the mystery theme to everyone simultaneously and then you get 10 minutes to use social media for inspiration or discuss with viewers in the studio. You then get 60 minutes to decorate your cupcakes. Judges will look at your cake and judge based on creativity, technique and attention to theme.

Winner will receive a gift certificate to one of our highly desired classes to further their skills!