When you make a reservation at MY MAKE STUDIO you will decide if you want to decorate cupcakes, cakes {or both}, or host a special event.  Upon arrival to MY MAKE STUDIO you will be given a tour of the dozen fondant and icing colors, candies, 500 cookie cutters and over 100 decorating tools.

You have 90 minutes to create an edible masterpiece of your dreams.  Don't worry, if this is too much we have idea books, iPads and talented staff to assist you in this DIY activity!  And no decorating experience is complete without aprons to wear.


At MY MAKE STUDIO, artists can drop in and decorate cupcakes for just $5 per cupcake, including all materials. We do have jumbo cupcakes for $7.50 per cupcake.

This fee includes unlimited access to icings, fondants, candies, cookie cutters and tools for 90 minutes.  

Gluten free cupcakes are available in chocolate and vanilla for an additional 75 cents per cupcake.

We offer four flavors of cakes and cupcakes: Vanilla, Chocolate, Red Velvet and Party (rainbow sprinkle).  We do offer gluten free Vanilla and Chocolate.  However, we do use regular flour in our kitchen so if you have celiac disease please keep this in mind.  We are a PEANUT and TREE NUT free facility. 

Beer and Wine?  Check.  But you must be 21 years of age and show a valid ID.  And don't even think about BYOB.  That's not legal in Colorado.  Weird, huh?


Cake decorating pricing is all inclusive.  Included is 90 minutes of studio time, unlimited access to icings, fondants, candies, cookie cutters and tools.

If you want to share a cake, add $10 for each additional cake artist.

4" Cake - $30 / $33 GF
6" Cake - $50 / $54 GF
8" Cake - $60 / $65 GF