Since we opened in March 2015, people have been begging for classes at MY MAKE STUDIO. We are finally getting around to it since I've been personally promising people for over a year now. The incredibly talented Chayla Turner, one of our studio hostesses, is extremely excited about the opportunity to teach classes at the studio. She has come up with an amazing class schedule all the way through April of 2017 so check back here often for new classes and pictures she will be posting! She will teach piping techniques, fondant molding, and so much more. She's very talented so don't miss out on the fun! No previous decorating experience needed. Must be 8 years old OR have a parent participating with them (only have to pay for one if sharing). Reservations required.

Dates- All classes are 6-8pm
May 30th - Geode Cake Class (4" or 6")
June 5th - Summer Food Cupcake Class (6 cupcakes)
June 14th - Succulent Cake Class (4" or 6")
June 17th - Father's Day Cupcake Class (6 cupcakes) **Noon-2pm
July 3rd - 4th of July Cake Class (4" or 6")
July 12 - Flower Cupcake Class (6 cupcakes)
July 26 - Unicorn Cake Class (4" or 6")
August 30 - Flower Cupcake Class - (4 cupcakes for $20) **5-6:30pm at Milk Market Downtown
-Email if you're interested in this class

Photos for Upcoming Classes

Cupcake Classes: $55 - Includes 6 cupcakes, 1 beer/glass of wine/soda, 2 hours of instruction
Cake Classes:

  • 4" Cakes: $55 - Includes one 4" cake, 1 beer/glass of wine/soda, 2 hours of instruction
  • 6" Cakes: $75 - Includes one 6" cake, 1 beer/glass of wine/soda, 2 hours of instruction