In December 2014, Linda wandered into MAKE to decorate some cupcakes for the holidays with family.  It only took moments for Linda and Alyssa to form a special bond over cupcakes and icing.  Alyssa went home and announced to her family that she had found a business partner for MAKE.  However, after several weeks of discussions, Alyssa felt that MAKE belonged in Linda’s hands.    Linda and her fiancé Jay jumped on this new and exciting opportunity and have acquired MAKE effective March 2, 2015.

Linda has always had a love for cupcakes and spent most of her college days selling cupcakes to fund her trips to Africa to work at a children’s home. Linda found her passion shortly after in the social work field working with youth but never forget her baking days. Once the opportunity for MAKE arose, Linda couldn’t resist and plans on incorporating her passion to work with youth throughout the business by donating Cake Wars packages to fundraisers and hosting many types of non-profit programs in the studio.

Jay is the co-founder and CTO of Handy Networks LLC, a Denver based data center company and has lived in Denver since 2007.  He has two middle school age boys adopted from the Denver foster care system and looks forward to marrying Linda this coming summer. Jay and the boys look forward to learning the ropes in the kitchen and running this business as a family.

We, as a family, have a few exciting changes to announce.  First and foremost, we are going to rename MAKE to MY MAKE STUDIO.  We have also expanded hours, improved our event packages, and streamlined our pricing model so that all of our loyal customers can come and enjoy.  We have also improved the web site, which is online at and now offers online reservations.

Look forward to in coming months additions such as a bakery display case, natural soda fountain, and obtaining our beer and wine license.  Please stay tuned for these exciting changes and give us a call at 720-334-8001 to create your next cake or cupcake.