Southmoor Elementary has the coolest school project I have heard of. They bring in community volunteers and parents for 1 hour sessions once a month for months to give the kiddos at school an opportunity to see different hobbies, careers, and interests. When the vice-principal asked My Make Studio if we were interested in participating, we jumped on this idea. Today was the first of our 4 month session and we had the best 10 kiddos around. Studio hostess Chayla came prepped in her chefs coat to teach the kids the best cupcake: spaghetti cupcakes!! We wanted to teach several different techniques. First, the kids got to mix orange and black fondant to create brown for their meatballs. They learned how to pipe icing in the grass tip to form their spaghetti. They applied coconut and green sprinkles for cheese and parsley. Finally they topped their cupcakes with strawberry or raspberry sauce to imitate marinara. Chayla and I had way too much fun with these kids and we can't wait to see them in October to do something Halloween themed. Any thoughts on what we should teach??