It's no secret there is a lot going on in our country right now. Many are calling each other out to create change, take action, stand up for a cause, fight for what they believe in. I felt it necessary to share my family's brief story and a little bit about the action we plan to take this year.

My husband and I have been together for 3 years. My husband adopted 2 brothers from the Denver foster care system in 2012 and they are 14 and 16 today. Our 8 year old niece currently lives with us and we have an 8 month old baby girl who is biological. Our world basically revolves around Simon, Adrian, Eralyn and Ellie but when we do get away for work, my husband owns a company called Handy Networks and I have My Make Studio. Handy Networks is a local cloud hosting company that my husband started when he was in high school. My Make Studio is fully run and operated by an incredible all female staff with one of my best friends as the manager. We currently have just the one studio (with hopes to expand one day) and we love being a small local business in the great state of Colorado. We try to participate in the community as often as possible. We are corporate sponsors for Cocktails for a Cause and my staff will be attending their next event in a few weeks. We host many non-profit groups at the studio: Easter Seals, Smith Agency, Love Your Melon, Metro Denver Partners, Denver Kids, JDRF, just to name a few. We participate in Southmoor Elementary's Passion Project every month where we get to teach kids dessert decorating techniques. We donate 100's of gift certificates to schools, non-profits, agencies, and various fundraisers to assist in raising money. 

2017 brings along new challenges and we'd like to make one new pledge to our staff and our community. We are going to start hosting monthly percentage nights. Each member on my staff will get to choose a non-profit or cause and we will give 30% of proceeds from that night's event to their cause. My husband and I will throw in a few of our events as well, including the American Civil Liberties Union, and Adoption Exchange but we feel it's important that our staff be involved and included. We are a family run business and a family of sorts at My Make Studio. We want everyone's voices to be heard and this will ensure a diverse set of fundraisers and causes for us to support. Our percentage nights will be during regular studio hours and all ages are welcome. Cupcakes cost $5/each and various cake sizes start at $30. We recommend making a reservation when we host one of these nights or you can attempt to just walk in. We have beer and wine for those 21 & up. If the percentage night is not for a cause that you support, feel free to come and get some information about the cause or join us another day at the studio when there isn't a percentage night.

We currently have one percentage night on the books for March 2nd to support the American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado. We are open from noon - 7pm on that Thursday and we encourage everyone to come out and show their support! Check back on our Facebook and blog posts for other upcoming percentage nights we will be hosting. We are very excited about these upcoming nights and are hoping to see a great turn out from the community that we love so much!