COPIC called My Make Studio to see if we could host a 70 person Cake Battle. We've never done an on site event before or hosted 70 people  so we figured - "Hey, why not?!" We brought 10 8" cakes and COPIC split their 70 employees into teams of 7. COPIC is expanding into 10 new states so each team drew a state from a hat and that was their theme. Teams were given 90 minutes to decorate their cake to match their state.

We provided each team with one of each color of icing, a spatula, tip set, pizza cutter, paint brush, water cup, rolling pin, and a rubber mat. We then set up a cart in the center of the event with a large bowl of fondant, 100 cookie cutters, more icing bags, assorted flavors of syrup, assorted colors of sprinkles, and assorted candies. 

The teams had so much fun working together to decorate their cakes. People got creative and some were true artists. After the event the coordinator reported, "What a great success Friday was! Thank you to you and your family for coming out and facilitating the cake decorating competition! We have gotten awesome reviews from the employees!"

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