This week, instructor Chayla Turner totally knocked us off our feet with her devilishly amazing Gory Cake Class! This class brought some new faces and some old but all were thrilled with their cakes! However, this wasn’t your typical cake, as it allowed our MAKE artist to explore their wicked side and not feel guilty for making it messy.

Another thing that separated this class from the others is the fact that everyone was able to completely fondant and sculpt the cake to their liking where as most cakes have specific instructions. It’s really nice to see faces that enjoy the spooky season as much as we do.

One of my favorite things learned was how to make a bloody brain.
— Ella
It’s fun and exciting! It’s like Willy Wonka’s factory but with cake and candy!
— Ally

I’m so glad October isn’t over and we still have some more spooky classes left. Stay tunes to see what else is happening in the studio!

I learned so much, it was all so cool!
— Amanda