Happy Thanksgiving everyone, I hope you’re all spending it well! We at My Make are closed today but we sure enjoyed getting ready for the holiday this weekend with Mikaila Riehm and her Turkey Carving Cake Class. It was such a blast and everyone was so impressed with their cakes. In fact many didn’t even know they had it in them. “I’m surprised it turned out to actually look like a turkey, and the peas and carrots were surprisingly easy to make!” -Anonymous.

During this class everyone learned how to not only decorate their cake to look like a turkey, but they also learned to carve the cake, crumb coat the cake, and fondant the cake. This is such a treat because there was so much to learn and so unlike any of our other classes we’ve ever had. The best part is many were able to use their cake for their Thanksgiving desert today, so many had two turkeys at the table.

We are so pleased with how our classes are going and we are so excited to see what comes this upcoming winter. Stay tuned for more happening at My Make Studio, and stay safe this Thanksgiving!