It’s fun fun fun at the studio this winter! We have had so much happen this winter, from the gingerbread houses, to the classes; This winter has been super lit and it’s only just begun! But recently, we had our first ever kids holiday class. With kids classes being new to My Make Studio in general, this one was a huge success. So huge in-fact that we were sold out, with every single chair sat! We were so excited with our turn out and with the joy we were able to give to so many people. I think the kids were very pleased with their results as well. Our instructor Chayla Turner taught the kids to make super cute cupcakes including a fine frosty the snowman and even the Grinch! I’m not sure if everyone knew they were making the Grinch but they all lit up like Christmas when it was time to make him. Needless to say My Make has been having a great time this winter and I can’t wait to share our future event’s with you all. Until then stay warm friends!


It was so much fun, we loved it!
— Anonymous