Lately it’s been mad with creativity and fun at the studio. This past weekend we not only had fun at the studio, but we also had fun attending our annual Gingerbread House Competition, teaming up with iHeart Radio’s, The Modern Eater. Now this isn’t your typical gingerbread competition because all the contestants are local brewery’s, so if you haven’t had the pleasure of listening the The Modern Eater and don’t understand how they are connected, then let me explain. Not only do they sponsor a few local brewery’s, but they also go around doing events for brewery’s while putting it all on the air. So, with that being said, they got to enter the competition and like last year we were invited to team up with them, so it was time to make an amazing plan.

Now I know what your thinking, how hard can it be to come up with a cool design for a gingerbread house? Well the answer is, HARD! Last year we even made the entire Denver cityscape and we only got second place, so we knew this year was going to be a tough one. After brainstorming and throwing a couple ideas out the window, we finally came to the conclusion of making The Modern Eater’s kitchen. It took a couple of tries and a couple of walls ripped out, but we finally came up with the perfect design.

So Saturday the 15th was the big day! There were so many other people at the competition but we were confidant because no matter what happened, we would be happy (but we really did want to win.) How the judging works is everyone votes on whose house is the best. Our team was pretty confident but it wasn’t over, so we took the time to relax and checkout everyone else’s house while also spending some time talking on the air. By the end of it we had realized we did it, we actually won the competition! Of course we let The Modern Eater keep the trophy but we got some good pictures with it.

We can’t wait till next year’s competition, and hope we do just as good if not better.

Till next time, Kristen