This week has been an eventful one for My Make Studio! Yesterday, August 30th we had another on site event at Denver's Milk Market, but this time it was a little different.  Not only did people come to decorate cupcakes, but they were also a part of our class instructor Chayla Turner's flower decorating class.  Those that attended learned how to make roses, daisies, and even flowers made of marshmallows!  It was a big hit, our class was fully booked and the participants loved their results!

This was so fun! I didn’t know i was so creative! Bringing the whole family.
— Joann
If you love art this is an overload of fun! 100% worth it.
— Von (age 12)

    Aside from all the decorating our ladies got to explore the market and try some of the food and drinks!  They sure had a wonderful night and we hope to attend more markets in the future!

    Stay tuned for more blogs. Until next time!

You have to do this again. I’m bringing all my girlfriends!
— Kyla
I had the best time ever! I even got a tummy ache!
— Fin (age 10)
Best cupcakes ever!
— Beck (age 6)