This Friday our newest instructor Mikaila Riehm, taught her first class for My Make Studio!  It was a great turnout, with about a dozen people in attendance.  Many of you may have been to our previous classes with instructor Chayla Turner, but this class was a bit different.  Unlike our other classes, Mikaila taught everyone cake making 101 including how to shape, frost, and fondant the entire cake before decorating.  Everyone loved it! Afterwards she gave them tip knowledge allowing them to create beautiful cakes. It was such a unique experience and many said they would be back with friends. 

It was fun, I surprised myself!
— Kristine
Great way to spend a Friday night.
— Stephanie
For a cake nerd it was fabulous.
— Megan

    She plans to teach another Cake 101 Class November 29th.  Until next time, check below for some of the pics from the event.