Recently we held one of our wonderful cupcake battles featuring Willy Wonka! We had people of all ages come and enjoy this wonderful event. Since the theme was Wonka they had to incorporate Wonka into each of their cupcakes judged and had to involve some type of Wonka candy. We did provide them with Wonka candy options, as we didn’t expect them to bring their own! We aren’t that heartless. Then we gave everyone an hour to decorate 4 cupcake. There were so many wonderful cupcakes, it sure was a tough one to judge! In the end we had to pick winners from each age group and they couldn’t have been happier.

Our staff also enjoyed the event, with everyone coming dressed for the occasion. It was truly a great time, in fact it was such a great time we are planning on doing another battle sometime soon. Stay tuned in our Events Page to see whats happening next. Until next time fellow Makers!

It fun because it was scrumdiddlyumptious!
— Madie 8yrs old
Absolutely awesome! I came with my granddaughter, we had a blast.
— Gwen Haney
It was awesome and fun!
— Natalie & Elisa