We have so enjoyed our 4 1/2 years in South Denver. The neighborhood has been so wonderful and we are grateful for all of the community support that has shown up for our little studio. As our lease comes to an end we have decided we have simply outgrown our current space. We are thrilled to announce that we will be moving My Make Studio to the new Edgewater Public Market that is being built in the Sloan’s Lake neighborhood.

Our very last day at our current location will be some time at the end of October so come on out for a final cupcake or cake at our current spot. We currently anticipate that we will be open at the Edgewater Public Market location early November. However, the exact opening date is subject to change depending on construction or permitting delays.

Check back for details - we’ll announce as soon as we know. Our new space will be in a complete destination marketplace with food, coffee, bars, a brewery, and amazing local shopping.

Some of our new neighbors in the building include:
Arepas House
Monna Pizza
Barbed Wire Reef
Moontime Crepes
Happy Cones
Slideshow Sliders
Mac Shack
Gyros King
Lucky Bird
Roger’s Bar
Amethyst Coffee
Velvet Wolf
Queen City General Store
Zero Market

Thank you to everyone who has helped grow our sweet studio these past four years. We are grateful for all of the summer camp kiddos, classes taught, gingerbread houses built, birthday parties celebrated and date nights hosted! We can’t wait to host all of your new memories at our new location this fall.