This summer has been such a blast, but one of the most amazing parts about it was definitely our summer camp! Like every year we always host our annual summer camp, except this year we added a fun twist. This year we taught our campers how to make cake pops! How exciting? Well i’m not sure if you’re excited about it, but our campers were! They absolutely loved the added skill, and we will for sure make it part of our annual camp routine! Aside from the cake pops, we taught the campers to bake, frosting, and fondant techniques. The camp kids really took home a lot learned, some enjoyed it so much that we saw a few repeat faces!

This was truly an amazing summer, but it had to end eventually. We are so excited to see what next summer brings, especially at the new location. Who knows maybe we will add something new to the camp, either way we will happily await the new year with bright hopes.