Although cupcakes and cakes are so much fun to decorate, we are excited about our SPOOKY HAUNTED HOUSES.  Our Spooky Haunted Houses will be baked in house, from scratch using a decades old family recipe, and prepared for you to decorate. Okay, you caught us - it's our Gingerbread House recipe!  

These houses can be purchased the entire month of October similar to our cupcakes and cakes. You will be seated at a table and given 90 minutes with unlimited icings, fondants, tools and a special bucket of candy just for Halloween (only given to those decorating Spooky Haunted Houses). A studio hostess will give you a tour of the studio and our tools and you are free to bring your favorite fall and Halloween characters to life! Yes, we do have boxes for you to take them home.

Spooky Haunted Houses will be for sale the whole month of October.


  • One Haunted House + One Decorator : $40
  • One Haunted House + Two Decorators : $50
  • Two Haunted Houses + Two Decorators : $75
  • Four Haunted Houses + Four Decorators : $140

Includes: Unlimited icing, fondant, candy, tools. You will even be given a special bucket of Halloween themed candy that is not displayed on the candy wall.

  • Cookies: $3.50 - You can decorate your cookies to eat with the icings, fondants, and candies on your table. We will have seasonal shaped cookies to decorate.

We recommend you make a reservation to decorate a house so that we can ensure there is a table for you. These houses will work just like our regular studio - you make a reservation during our open studio time, let us know you want to decorate a Spooky Haunted House, and you show up to decorate! You can also decorate other things during your reservation as well. We will still have our cupcakes and cakes for sale as well as cookies.

*Note: It is not recommended to eat our Spooky Haunted Houses.

**Gingerbread Houses will begin December 1st. Details to come after Halloween.